Monday, 27 February 2012

ZecOO Electric Bike

Looking like something out of Tron, design company Znug have come up with a completely amazing looking electric motorbike. Called the ZecOO, the new bike is a sleek, agressive and completely unconventional design.
The bike is designed by former Toyota designer Kota Nezu and assembled and built in a custom bike shop Suehiro in Tokyo, taking only 6 months from concept to prototype. The frame is made from a combination of solid wood and alloy and looks to push the boundaries of what the future for EV bikes could be. Rather than conventional fork steering the front uses a central hub system and sits on cantilevered shock absorbers and driven by rear wheel belt.
Right now there are no indications of specs for the bike and it will be officially tested in spring of this year but the designers are promising performance that definitely matches the look of the bike, which we take to mean pretty aggressively fast. The aim was to create a bike that is not only reliable technically and inline with the future of mobility but also one that takes into account the power of design, “a design that grabs the heart”.
It is not clear when it could be commercially available but reports suggest that it could go for just under $8million, a massive price tag despite its outstanding design. Despite probably not emitting any of the usual grunts a super-bike make with the electric engine, it would certainly turn heads when riding through the streets of Tokyo.

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