Friday, 24 February 2012

Sophisticated Perseus Missile Travels At Thrice The Speed Of Sound

The new British missile called “Perseus”, named after the Greek mythological figure, will be the most potent missile in its class when it finally rolls out in 2030. Cruising at thrice the speed of sound or 2000 miles per hour, it will be almost three times faster than the existing weapons.

The Perseus will also work as force multiplier as it can deploy two additional small missiles which can easily destroy a ship with extra weaponry. This can also confuse the radars. It will fly at a very low level, just few meters above the sea, making it very difficult to get detected by the radio detection.
The Perseus will remain invisible to radars until the very last few seconds before the two ton missile attacks. “The 800,000 pounds Perseus will be the most advanced missile system and will replace existing Exocet and Storm Shadow weapons” said Lionel Mazenq, the spokesman for part-British owned company MBDA that is developing the missile. The company supplies two-thirds of missiles dropped by RAF in Libya and Afghanistan.
He further said that the missile has been designed to attack the most advanced warships and targets. Powered by a Ramjet engine, it can over come the most advanced defense systems and can hit two to three targets at the same time with incredible accuracy. The missile can map the terrain with amazing accuracy and can separate one target from another with the help of its most advanced radar seeker and LASER radar. It will automatically divert itself if it is heading towards the wrong target and thus will be helpful in avoiding civilian causalities.
The Perseus can be launched from warships or fighter jets and MBDA aims to lure several armed forces of the world, including Britain’s military, towards it. Unveiled at the Paris Air Show, the stealth bomber missile has all the latest technological aspects and the required fire power to make it the most effective missile system in the world. With its Mach 3 speed and enviable accuracy to hit the desired target, it can be a rage among the big defense equipments importer countries.

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