Monday, 6 February 2012

Netbook or Tablet PC

With the introduction of iPad, tablet pc sales sky-rocketed. This fact rises the question, will tablet pc’s replace netbooks in near future? Netbooks and tablets might seem like devices serving similar purpose, however despite the popular opinion they target quite different categories of people. Let’s get into more detail on this.
Netbooks have few advantages over tablets, but this works the other way around too. When choosing which device is right for you, you must decide what tasks do you plan to do with it. Content consumption is the main purpose of tablet pc’s. Making movies, podcast and other creative stuff would be difficult with tablets. Tablets don’t have powerful enough processors. Majority of today’s tablets come with 1Ghz processing power, which makes it perfect for e-book reading, pictures, music, movies and for light e-mailing and presentations. People who need portable device for leisure should be looking into buying a tablet.

Netbooks have more powerful processors and are targeting people who need portability and functionality, such as entrepreneurs or college students. You get at least 1.6 Ghz processing power and Windows 7 pre-installed if you buy new netbook. With that kind of configuration you’re able to do same tasks as with tablets and a lot more, like picture editing, programing, light video editing. With netbook you can use same programs you use on your desktop computer. Only few programs doesn’t run well on netbooks, and those programs requires bigger resolution screens anyways.
So, before going out and buying portable device, make a list of tasks you would like your device to be able to do. That should help you on your decision. You could say that tablet pc is for leisure and very light work, netbook on the other hand is more for mobile work than leisure. So, unless tablet pc’s are going to do more heavy tasks, netbooks will always have their place in the market.