Wednesday, 22 February 2012

First Hybrid “Air Car”

The former SoloTrek XFV engineering team is up to work on another outstanding aircraft innovation. Aircraft innovators Michael Moshier and Robert Bulaga, who designed the Exo-skeletal Flying Vehicle, are looking for funds to develop a groundbreaking fuel electronic hybrid air car for day-to-day transportation purposes. The aircraft exponents call the new project as a ‘history-making one,’ but they are yet to spot enough financial sources. According to Moshier, the multi-passenger hybrid car will also be designed based on the ducted-fan technology of their previous flight.

The projected air car could be used for daily commutation purposes in third world countries, where transportation infrastructure is always a torture. In developed countries, the air car could be used to flee from the ostensible city congestion. It would further be a suitable vehicle for specialized purposes like police patrolling, rescue operations and many others, he said.
The SoloTrek one-man Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft from the team was a huge success. The $5 million project was funded by DARPA – Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. The small-scale company of the aircraft engineering team, which was headed by Moshier, Millennium Jet Inc, collaborated with NASA Ames for the fulfillment of the project, and attracted huge recognition and accolades.
For the new project, the Silicon Valley firm finds lack of fund as the major barrier. The team has requested agencies to fund the project. Moshier says that the PDF document detailing the project will be sent to those who wish to fund the project meant to realize the multi-passenger aircraft concept. According to Bulaga, the project is no more a challenge. Bulaga adds,
“It is no longer a question of if it can be done. We have the proven technology, key development partners, and operational experience to be successful with this project.”

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